As the cold weather approaches, there are some factors to keep in mind, not only to help keep you warm while sustaining an affordable heating bill but also for the tenants who have heat included in their rent. Though a lot of our units have oil or gas heat, there are some that still contain old electric baseboards that are currently active. Ask your rental agent or property manager what kind of heating system your apartment has in place. Most of the electric baseboards in these units are there for supplemental heat and aren’t necessary to use. It’s important to know which thermostats control each system if you do have more than one in place. Otherwise, you may unintentionally run up your electric bill without knowing it. You also want to make sure you’re not covering any sources of heat with furniture or other belongings. Make sure all heating vents and radiators are kept clear. Restricting the flow of heat won’t allow it to be properly dispersed which will result in you having to turn up the thermostat even higher to reach your desired level. Close and lock all your windows. If you have older drafty windows in your home or apartment, you can buy window insulator kits at any hardware store or Wal-Mart. The same goes for any doors you may not be using or necessary to use during the winter. Take advantage of natural light! Open your curtains and pull your blinds up during the day to let the sun warm your unit. Close them at night to keep the heat in. Using your stove or space heaters is not only dangerous but in-efficient at heating your home. Gas stoves can put off carbon monoxide and both sources may trick your thermostat into thinking the desired temperature is met, not dispersing the heat to every radiator. Although you may be warm in your kitchen or room with the space heater, other parts of your house will have no heat. When you leave in the morning for work, turn your thermostat down. If you can bare a little chill, keep it low and throw on an extra sweater. There are many other solutions in keeping your unit warm at an affordable price during the winter. To get more tips on these techniques, ask your rental agent! We’re here to help!