Tenant Access


Maine Real Estate Management, LLC operates in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act, as well as all state and local fair housing and civil rights laws. We do not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sex, familial status, handicap, disability, veteran status, receipt of public assistance or any other basis protected by applicable state or local laws. The Rental Criteria below outlines some of the policies for our rentals with regard to standards that may be required by each applicant in order to be approved for residency.

All applicants must be of legal age. All parties 18 years of age or older are required to complete an application and pay any and all applicable fees. Applications are to be completed in full; applications containing untrue, incorrect, or misleading information will be denied. The application fee is non-refundable unless otherwise provided by state or local law.

You will be asked to provide an identifying document that displays your name and address, the following may be used including but not limited to:

• Social Security Card
• Driver’s License
• Passport

All applications are submitted to AmRent, a third-party rental applicant screening company. All applications are evaluated based on a rental scoring system. Rental scoring is based on real data and statistical data such as payment history, quantity and type of accounts, outstanding debt, and age of accounts. Every applicant is treated objectively because each application is scored statistically in exactly the same manner.

If AmRent recommends a guarantor or co-signer, the original applicant’s application will be re-submitted along with the guarantor or co-signer’s application. Applications for guarantors and co-signers processed through AmRent are also scored, but are typically held to a more stringent, pre-established screening standard because guarantors and co-signers are technically responsible for the payments for this residence, as well as their own place of residence.

Written verification of all forms of income per household will be required, along with any necessary supporting documents. Some properties may have a minimum income to rent ratio which will be listed in the property details.

Management reserves the right to verify the applicant’s residence history. Attaching a positive rental referral and proof of payment history will drastically increase your chances of being approved. 

Applicants convicted for certain felony and misdemeanor offenses may not be approved for residency, depending upon the pre-established criteria set by management.

Applicants who have been a party to an eviction proceeding may not be approved for residency, depending upon the pre-established criteria set by Management.

If your application is denied due to unfavorable information received on your screening report you may:

• Contact AmRent to discuss your application and identify any unfavorable information.
• Supply Management with proof of any incorrect or incomplete information.

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