Brokerage Services

We Help Investment Property Owners Buy & Sell

Our brokerage services division is designed to help current and new clients expand or reduce their investment properties. We advise clients on every step of the process. If you are looking to buy new investment properties, our team can find the right property for you and negotiate the right price. If you are looking to sell, our team can list the property and negotiate the optimal price for you.

Experienced in the Real Estate Market

All of the owners and managers at Maine Real Estate Management have years of experience navigating the investment real estate market, and are all active investment property owners. We have skin in the game and understand the ins and outs of investment properties. We will carefully analyze a potential investment to help you determine if it makes sound financial sense. Through our experience as buyers and sellers of all types of properties ourselves, we are well-informed to guide you through your real estate transaction process. Commercial and residential property management services are also available for office buildings, mobile home parks, retail malls, and apartment complexes.

We Guide You Through the Process

Our experienced managers can take you through the process of selling or acquiring investment properties. We can advise you on loans, financing, location, and renovations. Picking the right property to match your needs is our specialty. You need a good guide to get you through the treacherous waters of investment real estate!

Three Licensed Brokers on Staff

Maine Real Estate Management does not receive a commission on any properties that are bought or sold. We have three licensed brokers on staff who work on your purchase or sale. All of our brokers work through their agency, and all commissions and fees are handled through them. They are all experienced brokers with an intimate knowledge of the investment property market.

The Maine Real Estate Management Advantage

As part of our brokerage services through Realty of Maine, we offer assistance with your evaluation of financing options, cash flow strategies through rent adjustments or expense reductions, and capital improvement plans. For sellers, we offer suggestions for effective modifications and upgrades that will help increase the likelihood of finding a buyer at the desired price. Our day-to-day, hands-on involvement with investment real estate gives us an edge in market trends. Our satisfied clients will back our pledge to help you make a good investment decision.

Our Maine Service Area

Maine Real Estate Management’s primary service area is the greater Bangor metro area. We manage properties as far north as Hudson, as far south as Lewiston, and everything in between. Our offices are conveniently located in downtown Bangor, Maine. For the right-sized project, we would expand our service area.

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