Frequently Asked Questions

To create your account, go to and follow these steps:

1. On the Login screen, click sign up
2. Enter your account number: [Account Number]
3. Enter your email address (this will be your Username)
4. Enter your phone number: Make Sure to Enter without parenthesis like this – 555-555-5555
5. Click sign up
6. Go to your email account for the account finalization email
7. Click the finalize link in the email
8. Create a Password
9. Confirm the Password
10. Click verify
11. Enter your Username and Password to log in

**When Making a Payment You Must Select the Disclaimer that “Additional Charges May Apply if I Use My Debit/Credit Card.” (See Image to the Right)
There Will Be No Charges if You Are Paying with Your Account and Routing Number. You Can Confirm Where it Tells You the Convenience Fee. (See Image to the Right)

While logged into Tenant Web Access, click the tabs at the top of the page to:
• View your open charges
• Display your transaction history
• Make a payment
Create a service ticket to report a non-emergency issue For emergencies, please contact our office.
• View and add messages to the Message Board
• Manage payment information


Following the initial term of your lease, the tenant can terminate their lease by giving the landlord thirty (30) days’ written notice, which notice shall be given on or before the first day of any calendar month, effective as of the end of such month. In other words, the notice can only be in effect from the first day of the month. For example, if you give your notice on August 14th then your effective termination date will be September 30th which is 30 days from the end of August. Notice must be in writing and can be dropped off, emailed, mailed to our office or by filling out the form below. Make sure to provide your forwarding address for the return of your security deposit.

Online Form:

The landlord will hold the security deposit until the end of the tenancy. The security deposit remains the tenant’s money.  This security deposit may be used by the landlord after the tenancy has ended to repair damage to the residence and for the actual costs of unpaid rent, cost of storing and disposing of unclaimed property, or other charges owed to the landlord agreed to in the lease.  The security deposit less any applicable charges will only be returned within 30 days if the lease terms are fulfilled entirely. Make sure to give proper written notice when terminating your lease and also to provide a forwarding address for the return of your deposit. The largest factors for the landlord withholding portions of the deposit are improper notice, damages, and cleaning.

Each Roommate agrees to be jointly and severally liable to the Landlord for the entire rent and the entire amount of any other charges due and/or incurred under the Lease Agreement. In other words, if one of your roommates wants to move out, you’re both still on the hook for the full amount of rent. In most cases tenant’s will find another roommate but they must follow the procedure below.

No subletting or roommate changes of the Lease Agreement may be made without written permission of the Landlord in advance. Every Roommate under the Lease Agreement; whether as an original Roommate or as a replacement Roommate, must first submit a rental application and also be approved in writing by the Landlord. The Landlord may require replacement Roommates to sign the existing Lease Agreement or may require an entirely new Lease Agreement to be signed by the replacement Roommate and the existing Roommates. Upon the replacement of a Roommate, Landlord may elect to charge an administration fee in addition to any tenant screening fees which will be discussed and agreed to prior to this Addendum, in writing. This will be in accordance with all Maine and local laws.

Please Use the Following Form:

Good old Maine! Never fails to let us down in this category. All properties have different methods and procedures in removing snow from the parking lot. Call or email your landlord to see if your property has any policies in place to avoid being towed.

If street parking is available near your rental unit, it is always a good idea to park on the street the day after a storm to avoid being in the parking lot so it can be cleared by the plow driver.

We encourage healthy and responsible pet interactions for all residents, and we strive to create a community that welcomes everyone and ensures a pet-responsible environment. We use a third-party pet application service that is simple and secure while storing your pet’s information in one place.

This service makes it easy for Pet Owners to share their animal records with their Housing Provider from pet groomers, doggy daycares, dog walkers, pet sitters, vets, pet-friendly hotels, and more.

• $25 for an individual Pet Profile
• No charge ($0) for an Assistance Animal Accommodation Request
• No charge ($0) for a No-Pet profile

  • Renew for an additional year for $20 as long as the renewal is proactively completed by you prior to the expiration of the current term. If the household pet profile(s) auto-renews then the charge is $25 for an additional year per pet. MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF AUTO RENEWAL TO NOT BE CHARGED

All Profiles are active for one year upon completion.

First Step:

Note: Applicants without pets must complete the online affidavit, while Pet Owners should gather the following to start:
• Vaccination Records
• Microchip Information
• Photos of Your Pet

• All Applicants should visit
• Review the policies and click the ‘Start Here’ button for No Pets, Household Pets, or Assistance Animals
• Enter your contact information, read and accept the Terms of Service, and click ‘Create Profile’.
• No Pets? Simply complete the affidavit questions.
Pet Owners: Select the type of animal then click Create a Pet Profile. If you are making an accommodation request for an Assistance Animal, the request box will be preselected.
• On the next page, click on each section within the profile to enter details, upload photos, and attach documents.
• For Pets: Click the green ‘Proceed to Payment’ button at the top right of the profile, enter payment details, and submit. For Animals: Click the green ‘Submit for Review’ button at the top right of the profile.
• Your Pet Profile will be shared automatically with your housing provider.